Video Industry Solutions

Cloud computing services, such as QingCloud VM, Object Storage, and CDN, are used to provide enterprises with one-stop video solutions from transmission, storage, to VOD and live broadcast.

Business Challenges


Ultra-Low Latency
Provide CDN and high-speed BGP distribution networks, with the former guaranteeing a latency of 1s while the latter lowering the latency to hundreds of milliseconds.
Meeting Ultra-High Concurrency Needs
Use a multi-layer distributed architecture with all-dimensional coverage of massive CDN nodes, support dynamic resource scaling within seconds, and provide million-level ultra-high concurrency capabilities.
Massive Data Storage
Apply classified cold and hot data storage solutions, where QingStor™ is used to manage data that should be preserved for a long time, reducing video storage costs.
Optimized Cost Input
Support on-demand deployment of all cloud resources charged by second, meeting the requirements for on-demand supply and dynamic management while achieving optimized cost input.

Solution Architectures

Architecture characteristics
  • Use QingCloud Object Storage to store video data.
  • Implement auto scaling for flexible adjustment and allocation of bandwidth and relational databases.
  • Connect with the QingMR big data platform, providing one-stop processing services for video files Live broadcast interaction.
Scheme effect
  • Use Object Storage that supports unlimited scaling to meet video storage requirements.
  • Increase resource input in service peak hours and decrease it in off-peak hours, effectively reducing company costs.
  • Provide an out-of-the-box big data analysis platform, supporting complete data analysis on video files.
Architecture characteristics
  • Provide CDN and BGP distribution networks.
  • Provide SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, and WeChat Mini Program terminals.
  • Use a multi-layer distributed architecture and support dynamic resource scaling, guaranteeing million-level concurrent quiz interactions.
Scheme effect
  • Reduce the network latency effectively, improving live broadcast transmission quality.
  • Use easy-to-use terminal APIs for quick configuration and deployment.
  • Respond to massive concurrent terminal requests, push questions and collect answers, and correctly complete user interaction in real time.