E-Commerce Industry Solutions

QingCloud, with its rich cloud computing services, offers end-to-end e-commerce industry solutions and helps enterprise customers to easily deal with their business peaks. This is how we work to boost intelligent transformation and upgrade for e-commerce and retail industries.

Business Challenges


Flexible Billing Strategies
Support flexible billing of elastic IP address (EIP) by traffic or bandwidth, and optimize costs through auto scaling.
Quick Network Access
Support efficient WAN access, multi-region networking, intelligent scheduling and management services, with minute-level establishment of dedicated networks among clouds, data centers, and company branches.
Efficient Data Analysis
Provide big data platforms to help enterprises integrate their online and offline services, and drive traffic conversion and management of potential customers, comprehensively improving operation efficiency.
Extremely Secure and Reliable
Easily deal with instant purchase events, such as high concurrency and traffic burst, by using highly reliable financial MySQL clusters and QingStor™ Object Storage.

Solution Architectures

Architecture characteristics
  • Implement single sign-on on the frontend, without the need for entering the cloud instance password, ensuring the operation account security.
  • Use QingCloud SD-WAN to optimize access to cloud instances and accelerate access to the overseas e-commerce websites.
  • With the layer-2 isolation mechanism on the instances, QingCloud provides each cloud instance with an independent and clean EIP.
  • Use QingCloud instances to easily achieve multi-user login and multi-platform operation.
Scheme effect
  • Help users to solve multi-store association issues caused by the IP layer.
  • Help users to accelerate access to oversea e-commerce platforms.
  • Support multi-user login and operation on a single instance, effectively solving the issue of multiple persons managing the same store.
  • Implement management by layer and level, with complete permission allocation and account permission management mechanisms.
Architecture characteristics

1. Implement flexible resource scaling, effectively reducing costs.
2. Support quick access, enabling quick network interworking among multiple stores.
3. Ensure data security with multi-copy data protection on the bottom layer.
4. Provide various security services, including protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and Web application firewall.

Scheme effect

1. Optimize costs for e-commerce industries, with full utilization of resources.
2. Help e-commerce customers to implement quick network interworking among multiple stores.
3. Ensure the security and stability of transactions and user data with multi-copy data protection on the bottom layer.
4. Help e-commerce companies to easily deal with external network attacks, ensuring their system stability.