CloudCube Express
With fully optimized and verified product capabilities, visualized, fined-grained hardware platform management is supported besides out-of-the-box functions, providing excellent delivery and user experience.

What is CloudCube Express?

CloudCube Express uses a platform deeply integrated with computing, storage, and network, with industry leading software-defined technologies being the core. It meets requirements of enterprises for IT infrastructure with high performance, reliability, scalability, and ease of use in digital transformation. This helps enterprises to achieve faster service response, higher flexibility, and lower operational costs.

All-in-one machine and quick deployment

Quick Delivery

Delivery of all-in-one system, providing visualized deployment UI and upgrade tools

Simplified O&M

Easy operations and O&M experience, effectively shortening the learning curve.

Easy Cloudification

Convenient cloud deployment, with hybrid cloud getting ready and homogeneous public cloud getting connected after some simple configurations

Edition Comparison

Choose the edition that works best for you


Entry-level workloads quickly enable full functions to meeting OA, ERP, general office and other scenarios


Applicable to medium- and low-load applications,meeting scenarios such as collaborative office applications and small-scale office desktops


Suitable for medium and high load applications, meeting enterprise-level office applications, development and testing scenarios


Applicable to high-load applications with high concurrency, meeting key scenarios such as large and medium-scale enterprise-level office applications, development and testing

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Free Download And Trial

CloudCube Express is available for a trial use for 30 days. Please fill in the form for applying for the trial use. QingCloud solution experts will contact you, and then provide you with the trial version based on your application scenarios. They will also provide you with technical support for installation and deployment.

Benefits of CloudCube Express

Comprehensive Functions

Equipped with basic comprehensive functions, with the AI community implementing automated resource allocation and monitoring, reducing manual interference.

Guaranteed Performance

High performance and low latency, quickly responding to various business needs.

Quick Scaling

On-demand horizontal and vertical scalability, with performance improved linearly with the capacity increase.

Security and Reliability

Fully distributed high availability architecture sharing the same bottom layer with public cloud, avoiding single points of failure, and ensuring a stable cloud architecture.

Industry Recognition


China HCI and SDS Market Research Report, 2018Q4: CloudCube® Express remains top 5 in the Chinese market


2017 to 2018: Listed in Gartner's Market Guide for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, China.

Authoritative Authentication

2018: Obtained "Cloud Computing HCI Trusted Cloud Certification"

Use Cases for CloudCube Express

  • Enterprise Desktop Cloud

  • Remote and Branch Office

  • Software-Defined Data Centers

Enterprise Desktop Cloud

  • Simple installation and deployment, with built-in functional components.
  • Linear performance improvement, flexible scaling, and low network latency.
  • Support for multiple desktop types (random, private, static).

Remote and Branch Office

  • One-stop delivery of deployment, operation, and management with quick deployment.
  • AI-based management, saving maintenance costs.
  • Unified architecture, enabling quick construction of group cloud solutions.

Software-Defined Data Centers

  • Simple installation and deployment + efficient resource creation and quick service launch.
  • Seamless migration of heterogeneous virtual resources.
  • Low cost, high cost performance ratio.

Customer Success with CloudCube Express

Tianyou Children's Hospital

CloudCube Express integrated solutions drive quick establishment of hospital information platforms. This not only greatly supports outputting and bearing of service platform resources, but also reduces costs in informational construction and O&M for hospitals.