By means of governance capabilities of Kubernetes, resources are allocated reasonably, accelerating application development, testing, and launching, and improving O&M abilities for companies.

What is KubeSphere®

KubeSphere® is a distributed, multi-tenant, enterprise-class, open-source container platform constructed based on Kubernetes. Equipped with excellent and complete network and storage capabilities, as well as simplified human-machine interaction, it provides comprehensive functions such as multi-cluster management, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), microservice governance, and application management. In this way, KubeSphere® enables companies to quickly construct, deploy, operate, and manage their container architectures on heterogeneous infrastructure such as cloud, virtual machines, and bare metal, achieving agile development and full-lifecycle management.

Benefits of KubeSphere®

Easy to Start

One-click quick deployment and unified O&M, greatly reducing O&M costs.

Easy to Use

Support for higher visibility, rich built-in application and pipeline templates, and out-of-the-box functions.

Lower Costs

More intelligent and efficient than traditional delivery modes, requiring lower costs.

KubeSphere® Features

Lightweight Flexibility

Startup in a few seconds based on standard container running environments.

Simplified Operations

Wizard GUI available for full functions such as scheduling, management, and O&M monitoring.

Reduced Costs

Increased resource deployment density for a single instance, with maximized use of the resources of the host machine.

Security and Reliability

Multi-tenant permission management based on multi-level native Kubernetes role-based access control (RBAC), achieving resource isolation and ensuring data security.

Product Version

Choose the version you want and consult us

Open-Source Version

Fully open source without binding any infrastructure, supporting deployments across bare metal, virtual machines, and cloud platforms

Commercial Version

Provide all functions of KubeSphere® as well as:• Commercial support and service• Consultation and training• Dedicated services for enterprises: integration of commercial applications, such as billing, big screen display, auditing, and PaaS

  • Banking Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Energy Industry

Banking Industry

Provide in-depth consultation and technical support services for microservice reconstruction and DevOps, helping enterprises to implement the microservice architecture in a few steps, thereby achieving digital transformation.

Manufacturing Industry

Provide strong network and storage support, with efficient compatibility with monitoring and O&M systems for enterprises, enabling easy container-based service deployment.

Energy Industry

Support automated deployment, with complete monitoring and log management systems, reducing O&M costs, and enabling enterprises to focus more on business innovation.

Customer Success with KubeSphere®

PUFA Silicon Valley

Cross-platform compatibility and multi-plugin support of KubeSphere® help to avoid repeated O&M work, reducing overall application maintenance costs.