Desktop Cloud
Build new-generation desktop and application solutions based on the infrastructure cloud platform. Form a desktop resource pool on the server side, and deliver “desktop” to terminal devices through networks.

What is Desktop Cloud?

A new-generation enterprise-class office solution developed based on the QingCloud IaaS platform, with integrated desktop environments consisting of independent deployments. Each desktop cloud user connects to his/her office desktop by using a thin client. Compared with traditional PCs, VDI has advantages such as centralized management, lightweight O&M, and data security.

Benefits of Desktop Cloud

Mobile Access

Access to desktop anytime anywhere

Reduced Cost

Extended device service cycle, reduced energy consumption of terminals,and few equipment changes

Security and Reliability

Centralized management and non-persistent data storage

Desktop Cloud Features

Quick Batch Delivery

Establishment of hundreds of desktops within minutes, speeding up the response time of IT services.

No Need for Terminal Maintenance

Quick terminal failover, reducing downtime.

Unified O&M

Centralized desktop control and upgrade maintenance, reducing the complexity of management.

Flexible Scaling

Easy scaling with virtual machine expansion, reducing the launch cycle by 80%.

Product Version

Choose the version you want and consult us

Express Edition

Daily office needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Standard Edition

Applicable to a wide range of scenarios of different loads,such as development testing,graphic design, and daily office work.

*Note:The Express Edition only supports PCs and x86 thin clients. With Citrix Receiver, the Standard Edition supports PCs, x86 and ARM thin clients, and mobile versions at the same time.


  • Call Center/Telemarketing

  • Mobile Office

  • Industry and Manufacturing

Call Center, Customer Service, Telemarketing

  • Thin client mode, greatly reducing energy consumption and costs.
  • Centralized terminal management, ensuring secure and controllable permissions.
  • Data operation audit, ensuring information security.

Mobile Office

  • Access anytime anywhere, with experience close to local access.
  • Low bandwidth requirements, requiring low costs.
  • One-click terminal deployment with zero O&M.

Industry and Manufacturing

  • Improved device and software usage rate, reducing assets investment.
  • Constructing a development platform for data sharing.
  • Increasing device service life, reducing O&M costs.

Customer Success with Desktop Cloud

Bank of China(BOC)

Desktop Cloud is integrated with unified management and maintenance capabilities, reducing costs in O&M and management. In addition, distributed clusters get services free from single points of failure, driving resource delivery as a service for the head office of Bank of China.